Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Things: Days 8-10 - Finishing Up

This post will complete my 10-day series on daily Happy Things.  One thing that committing to do this each day has done is forced me to look through the mundane and routine, even through the bad (like the flu) to find some good and positive and encouragement.  That is something that I will continue to do and post about for sure!  And even though it's called "Happy" Things, I think it points more towards Joy, which is continuous even in the midst of trials and tribulations, as opposed to Happiness which is circumstance-based and often fleeting.  So in light of that thought, I'm calling this last post:

Joyful Things
The Weekend

1. Obviously the mere fact that it is Friday is awesome in and of itself.  There is a different air to Friday than there is to Monday.  We all know that.

2. Successful completion of yet another Pep Rally.  Oh the joys (and panics) of being the Cheerleading coach.

3. A group of wonderful teachers, to whom I owe so much, who volunteered to dress up and show off their dance moves at the Pep Rally.  They did the Dougie!  It was hilarious.  I wish I had a picture.

4. A quiet Friday night in, eating Chinese food and watching Mad Men.  I am fascinated by Don Draper.  And the outfits.  And the LIPSTICK.  I love it.

1. Sleeping in.

2. A mani/pedi Thank You from my wonderful Mama.

3. Coffee with a former student and cheerleader.  Loved catching up!

4. Organizing drawers.

5. Dinner with my entire family to celebrate my grandmother's birthday!

Granny in the birthday hat! (Shot from my cousin's phone, which explains the quality)

1. An interesting and good sermon on marriage.

2. Omelets after church!  Our new thing.

3. At the coffee shop, in my spot, finishing up grades and getting school work done so I can enjoy church tonight and then dinner with the Herndons.

4. Waffle night at the Herndons!

And to top everything off, it's about 50 degrees all weekend long.  

Spring is coming, friends!  
Spring is coming soon.

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Rachel said...

Emily, I have loooooved the happy things posts. I don't think I want you to stop.

(I also love Mad Men, and accidentally bough lipstick this week at the drugstore. Who do I think I am??)