Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Weekend

It started with a rehearsal...

And a few happy parents...

And ended in happily ever after.

Hello, sparkly purses.
 And mashed potato martinis.

 Hello, glowing bride and proud papa.

Hello, happy mama and thankful son.

Hello, sparklers and handsome husband and cousin you love like a brother.

Hello, celebrations and family and happiness!

Please feel free to stay awhile?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Birthday Dinner

 Steak on the grill.
 Roasted asparagus and tomatoes with cheese.
 They tasted like pizza!
For the happy birthday boy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love this time of year.

The busyness is slowing down.

I had A WHOLE WEEKEND with no school work!

We took a walk last night around 10:00.  It was cool yet warm and a little breezy.

I haven't had to start my car like 20 minutes before leaving for work to warm it up.

The daffodils and tulips are blooming.

Our windows are open as much as possible.

Short - sleeves.


Monday, March 14, 2011

A Sight for Sore Eyes on a Busy Day:

A man who can cook.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some Sunday Things

1. It ended up not being such a busy week after all.  Cheerleading was cancelled 3 days this week due to a state tournament girls basketball game and 2 days of pouring rain for which they cancelled all after school activities.  I believe it was God's provision, because I didn't know how the heck I was going to get all my grading done this week in the midst of the whirlwind.  It actually ended up being a very quiet and productive week.  Tryouts are rescheduled for this Wednesday, AFTER all my grades are due, so I will have time to focus.

2. It has been 65 and sunny all weekend.  <3

3. Our pastor preached an incredible sermon on Judges 16 and the story of Sampson today.  You can listen to it here if you are interested.  I was challenged to quit playing the religious game.  To stop treating God like a waiter at a restaurant who brings you what you want, keeps your glass filled, and then leaves you alone so that you can concentrate on the love of your life sitting across the table from you.  God wants to be the one across the table!

4. I'm growing REALLY antsy for spring to kick into full swing.  Heck, let's just get all the cards on the table...I'M READY FOR SUMMER.  I'm daydreaming about flowers and vegetables and no sleeves and sitting by the pool with a good book. AND FOR THE LOVE NO GRADING.  I'm so over grading papers for the moment.

5. South Beach is going relatively well, except I keep cheating on the weekends.  What can I say?  I have a grandmother who makes amazing food.  But Monday through Friday I've done a really good job.  I've lost 4 pounds, which is not a lot but it is something.  Here are the things I eat the most of: vegetables/salad, string cheese, eggs, beans, milk, soups, pistaschios, and low-carb yogurt (Kroger has this vanilla chai flavor that is AWESOME).  And here is my favorite thing to do when I crave something sweet (this is from the SBD book): Mix 1/2 cup part-skim ricotta cheese with 1 tsp. of cocoa powder and 1 packet of splenda.  Put in a drop of vanilla.  Stir it up.  Eat it all.  It is like chocolate cheesecake, and who doesn't love that? 

Ok, back to grading and enjoying this GORGEOUS weather.  Happy New Week!  Let's see what it holds.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy Week; Forgive the Randomness

The crazy busy-ness that is always Life in the Month of March has begun.  Last week I started Program Planning, where 9th grade teachers divvy up the freshman and meet individually with each student and their parents about setting goals for high school.  In the middle of that, this week we have cheerleading tryouts, in the middle of that our girls' basketball team is going to the state tournament, and in the middle of THAT my granddaddy is in the hospital.  Please pray for him; we think it's going to be fine but they are running lots of tests.  Pray for me that I somehow don't lose my mind in the midst of all the running around.

Also Cousin Beth called and asked me to run in the Blue Ridge Relay Marathon (remember that from last year?) and for some reason I said yes.  But only if I got to run the shortest length.  And only if is flat.  And only if it's 4 miles or less. And only if it's ok that I completely bring the entire team down because of my slow running.  Do you hear this Beth?  I mean, I'm sooooo easy to work with, you know.  Not high maintainence in the least...

I almost decided not to coach cheerleading next year.  And then I thought about how God was teaching me so much through it (like how much I'm scared to death about ever having a teenage daughter of mine own, for one thing; the drama...oh the drama) and how it's helped me to really be entrenched in the school and the relationships that I've built with these girls.  And I thought about how I would feel sitting at my desk next year and seeing the girls in the hallways and how I wouldn't get to be the one who they come to anymore and how I would just have to watch as someone else played that role.  I got sad.  I like being a part of it all.  Despite the hectic schedules and the long season and the drama (did I mention the drama?), I love it.  So I changed my mind. 

Also I discovered a great blog for South Beach Diet recipes called Kayln's Kitchen.  I'm planning on making this in the crockpot for tomorrow.  And maybe this and this later this week.  Quick and easy is what I'm going for.  Have I already said how busy this week will be?

Ok that is all I can get my head around for now.  Happy Sunday and beginning to a new (and busy) week!