Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Simple Things

In an effort to make myself be a more regular blogger about the daily on-goings, blessings, and adventures in our life, I decided to try this exercise from The Simple Woman's Daybook.
For Today...
Outside my window...
The sun is coming back out after yet another rain shower. Our cat is crawling out from under the neighbor's car.
I am thinking...
about painting my nails but don't want to wait for them to dry before cooking dinner.
I am thankful for...
our ceiling fans because our AC is out! And to think that I have so many times wanted to remove those ugly little blessings.
From the kitchen...
waiting for our food processor bowl to come out of the dishwasher so I can immediately make another batch of salsa.
I am wearing...
my new earrings.
I am hoping...
to squeeze every drop of summer out of the next month
I am creating...
a spreadsheet of my favorite recipes and tips on eating healthy on a budget (because we SERIOUSLY. HAVE. TO. START. SAVING. MONEY. FOR. REAL. THIS. TIME.)
I am reading...
my thesis over and over. Final draft due Friday to the department head.
I am going...
to celebrate on Friday after turning in my thesis!
I am hearing...
the hum of the dishwasher and the buzz of the ceiling fan (s). And the UPS truck pulling up to a neighbor's house. Other than that, quiet. I have sort of liked turning the TV off while I'm home in the afternoons. I used to prefer it on, even just for background noise, but recently I have really begun to appreciate the peacefulness of a quiet house once in a while.
I am praying...
about the upcoming schoolyear, being able to make personal connections with my students, and making an impact for Christ on them.
One of my favorite things...
is the kitty cat curled up at my feet. And rainy days.
A few plans for the rest of the week...
finishing up this final thesis draft, turning it in, Family Dinner (in-law side) on Thursday night, brother coming home on Friday, Family Dinner (my side) on Saturday night, last Sunday School class with our amazing teacher on Sunday.
(We have finally split our college/career class and get to be part of forming a class for young couples and families. This is an amazing blessing and we love the friendships that we've already made that will carry on in our new class, but our AWESOME teacher, Jim, will be staying on with the college minstry. Jim has really challenged us to think with his lessons and has become a regular part of our meals and gatherings. We know our friendship with him will continue; we'll just miss his weekly lessons.)
Sometimes it's nice to journal about the simple things going on all around us that we often overlook...the small ways that God displays His peace, love, and grace. Feel free to try on your own. If you post it on your blog, please link back to the Simple Woman's Daybook like I have done at the beginning of this post.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Happenings

So, I am NOT good at updating this blog. I'm sure the few people that read it live in a dire state of disappointment (read: indifference). My apologies. For those of you who have been on the edge of your seat wondering about the Herndon summer, here is an update. In list format, mostly because we could be here all day if I let myself go into the details of every event. Suffice it to say that it has been a relaxing, productive, enjoyable summer:

In somewhat chronological order we have:
1. worked VBS at our church, leading to the realization that teaching 9th graders and 4 and 5 year olds can have some odd similarities. (See everybody looking around acting confused and not listening while he's giving instructions?)

2. (almost) completed the bathroom renovation. Finishing touches are still in the works.

3. camped with the whole family for the 4th.
4. gone to the beach twice. (Patrick couldn't come so I went once with my mom and dad and then again with my mom to take my grandparents.)
He was pretty thankful for us taking them even though we wouldn't let him smoke his pipe inside the condo.

5. helped welcome two new babies into the world and our church. I am excited to babysit (a.k.a. practice until we have our own).
The Haltermans with their newest, cutest addition, Elijah.

Me with Lane.

6. said goodbye to 2 wonderful friends moving to Staunton with a great night of fellowship and fun at our house.We'll miss you, Rebecca and Billy! (That is not their baby. She is practicing, too.)

Other party pictures:

(Not her baby either. They were all getting passed around quite a bit that night if you can't tell.)

7. learned how to can, an on-going project I am pursuing with the father-in-law.
Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam
(Who knew I liked rhubarb? Another recent discovery.)

Recipe from this helpful book on canning and perserving.

8. eaten lots of this:
made from homegrown peppers from my uncle's garden

9. enjoyed Bible Study with these ladies every Tuesday night.

10. and started planning our trip here (!!!):

Looking forward to exciting things in August:
1. Brother coming to visit
2. Patrick starting his MBA
3. Trip to Indiana for orientation of MBA program
4. Cheerleading season begins in full-swing (new JV coach right here!)
5. Completing final draft of my thesis and finishing up my Masters degree