Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gathering Together

A couple weekends ago we traveled to Tennessee to celebrate the life of Patrick's grandmother.  Though we were saddened by her passing, it was indeed a time of rejoicing in the hope that we have for eternity when we know Jesus Christ as Savior, as Granny Jill did.  

Because of this great hope, we were able to find joy in the sadness, laughing despite the mourning, and fellowship in the love of family.

We gathered in a cabin with amazing views of creation. 

And enjoyed simply being together as a family.

We gathered and talked around the kitchen table.

(Please notice my father-in-law's shirt.)

We gathered and played. 

We gathered and relaxed.

 We gathered and hugged.

How amazing it is that God created us to need one another, 
in times of joy and in times of sorrow.
How amazing it is that He could produce JOY out of sorrow.

"You turned my wailing into dancing;
   you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.
   LORD my God, I will praise you forever. "

~Psalm 30:11-12

Monday, April 4, 2011

Why we all need Spring Break and what to do until we get there.

I need Spring Break.
My students need Spring Break.
WE need a Spring Break from each other.

The day started off well
and spiraled downhill quickly
to me losing my temper
yelling at 6th period
writing a lot of detentions
feeling remorseful afterwards
then throwing remorse out the window as I argued with another ninth grade boy.

If I hear one more complaint...
If I have to tell you one more time...
Yes you have to do work.

I think I'm losing my mind.

So I did a little soul searching sitting in my car at the duck pond, eating ice cream from Sonic at 3:20 this afternoon.

And then I went to spend a good hour with this face.

We cuddled in a chair with a bottle. 
We explored outside.
We sat in the grass and played in the dirt.

And then I took a nap.
And had some chinese food with Dad.
And a cup of coffee at the coffeeshop.
And spent some time here.
(Not that I, in any way, am comparing my situation to Job's.  Just to be clear.)

And I'm slowing filling back up.
Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Tomorrow is a new day!
And His mercies are new every morning.

Friday, April 1, 2011

And one more thing...

We're credit card debt free!!!!!!

Friday Friday Friday

This has been a LONG week.

I did Program Planning with 8 ninth graders back to back for 2 days after school.

We had another birthday dinner for my hubby at his parents.

I reviewed for a test, gave a test, reviewed for an essay, and right at this very moment my little English babies are writing their little hearts out on To Kill a Mockingbird.   We are doing an in-class essay.  You would think I had asked them to cut off their right arm and turn it in.  There is a lot of complaining going down in room 210.  I have handed out candy and let them listen to music while they are writing in an attempt to ease the pain.  BUT, people, there is good writing happening.  Which is how I know I'm doing the right thing.

In other random news, do you know about FlyLady?  I just discovered her!  She has a system for keeping your house out of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome, which is slightly cheesy but very true).   It's all based on having routines, taking 2 minutes a day to "put out a hot spot," and taking 15 minutes a day to focus on cleaning a zone in your house.  She sends you a daily mission for that zone.  It's all about doing a little at a time and letting that be good enough.  I love good enough.  I can do good enough.  I can do 15 minutes.  Here is another good post on it.  Try it!  It's free!

I made this bread yesterday in our new (to me) breadmaker.  It was so easy and simple.  I changed up the recipe a little and did half whole wheat flour and half bread flour.  I left out the poppy and sesame seeds but kept the flax seeds.  It is SO GOOD.  Good for toast and sandwiches too. 

I cannot wait for this weekend, even though we have nothing planned.  That is the beauty of it.  We are staying in tonight, cooking dinner, and watching a movie.  Tomorrow we are sleeping in, being lazy, and maybe going to the mall to find a few wedding presents and some golf shoes for Patrick.  I love having nothing in particular on the agenda.

Happy First Day of April and, more importantly, HAPPY FRIDAY!