Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend Patrick and Calvin are heading out to a youth retreat.  They are both so excited!  I'm excited for them, to have something just for them, something they share that I'm not a part of. 
That's important.  
But I'm a little giddy with my own excitement to have the whole weekend to myself!  Mama needs a little Me Time these days, and these beautiful fall days make me crave some time to be lazy, read a book, and cozy up on the couch, and just be.
I'm making these on Friday night.

I plan on sleeping in on Saturday and then eating one {or two} lazily with a huge cup of coffee on the couch on Saturday morning.
And watching TV with no interruptions.

I've been watching this on my lunch break at school (because NO ONE has my same lunch this year for me to eat with [sad face]...).

I'm going to cozy with up with this book.

And keep reading on this one.

And I'm not doing any schoolwork! 
Because I was a boss at school this week and got everything done!  Go me!

Happy Almost Weekend!