Friday, June 12, 2009

Just wanted to say...

...I made it through my first year of teaching!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Things have been a little hurried around here as all the loose ends are being tied up. We have lived in what I have referred to as a Construction Zone for the last couple weeks as the bathroom remodel has come to completion. Or at least a stopping point. What started out as a weekend project turned into much more (it always does) and we still have a few more things to do to really really complete it. I will post a picture hopefully sometime this weekend! Suffice it to say, though, that anything is better than moldly, falling apart retro green tile and a homemade vanity. We are very pleased with the outcome!

The school year ends a week from today! I survived the research paper AND Romeo and Juliet. Now I'm just working on getting everything graded on time. All I have left to do is hand out that final exam. Wooo HOOO!! Then it's off to the beach!! Patrick will be out of town and my parents were headed to the beach the week school is out so I decided to join them (for just a couple days). I have not been to the beach in years! I'm so excited I could cry. I am currently assembling my Summer Reading For Pleasure list and plan to start on the very first pick ASAP while laying on the beach, ocean waves in the back ground. BRING IT ON.

Lastly, we are going on a diet. We finally decided to bite the bullet and get rid of some of this post-wedding weight gain that has crept upon us these last couple years. A friend and I are going to try the Abs Power Diet (you know, the neon orange book??). I did this one once before, albeit not seriously, and I think it's very doable. I am not one who believes in crash dieting, but this seems more like a plan to simply start eating healthy and I AM one who needs some rules while trying to get back in the healthy eating game. My friend and I have commited to it for 6 weeks. We're going to keep each other accountable and meet once a week. I'm also hoping that putting this in print on the Internet will give me some accountability too. Patrick will hopefully just reap the benefits, since he only eats what I cook him, and I will be hopefully cooking healthy stuff. I will let you know. We begin on Sunday (we both needed to read the books and make a good trip to the grocery store. Plus, Sunday just sounded like a good starting day.)

Shortly in my future: Summer days by the pool and warm evening walks. Reading for pleasure and no stack of papers waiting on me to grade. Staying up late and sleeping in. Pure and utter joy.