Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Do you make resolutions?  I used to.  And then I used to not.  But you know, there is a rhythm to this life, a time and a season for everything, and somewhere, when the old year rolls to a close and the new year is spread out before us like a blank canvas, there is excitement in the air.  There is hope renewed.

We sat at the Ebenzer Service at church on Sunday evening and listened to our church family raise up praise and thanksgiving for all that took place in 2012.  Even for trials and challenges because the Lord showed Himself in a new way through it all.  He gathers us up in the midst of a hard year and comforts and teaches.  All with love and wisdom that can only come from an eternal perspective.

We listened to Bonnie, who lost her husband this time last year, read a poem about how God holds us close.

We listened to Scott praise that he is off all medication for his diabetes.

To Diane, who was thankful to be a part of each child's life at our church in a big way.  Because the opportunity arose at just the right time, and she was obedient.

To Tom, who has been learning more this year of who he is in Christ.

To several others, and then finally to Krista, who reminded us of the Hope that she found in her dependency about Christ this year in her pregnancy and the birth of sweet baby Finley.

That word Hope just rung in my ears, because that's truly what a new year brings.

So, with the new year spread out before us all nice and neat and unmessed-up yet, I made some resolutions.  I made some goals.  I dared to hope a little that this year will be a little different.  This year I will be better.  I will work harder.  I will enjoy life a little more.  And I will probably fail at some of them.  Some are just for fun, but most them are about having a little more discipline, and I think it's a good thing to learn to live a life of discipline and making better choices.  

At the end of 2013, it really won't matter if I read 20 books (I'm a slow reader) or if I've cooked two or three times per week instead of four.  It's just fun to dream and plan and resolve a little, knowing that God's mercy is new each morning.  Each day is a chance to honor and glorify Him.  Even in the daily routine, God is growing us up in Him and teaching that He holds us up.

Happy 2013!
May it be a year of renewel for you and yours.