Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Brother Got Married! Part 2: The Rehearsal Dinner

Ok here's some exciting news and another reason why my blogging has taken yet another back seat:  we moved!  As in, houses!  We packed up all of our stuff at our sweet little yellow door bungalow and moved to a new neighborhood a little further out of town.  That will need to be a post all of its own, but for now, please accept that as my excuse for being so behind.

I think last time I left off, I was sharing pictures from my brother's wedding, one of the highlights of our summer.  The actual weekend of the wedding was so fun and warm and filled with laughter, tears, family, and great food.  I really want to go back and do it all over again.  My brother and sister-in-law really know how to throw a good party! :)

We kicked off the weekend with the wedding rehearsal and then all met up that evening for the rehearsal dinner hosted by my parents.  Patrick saw it as the perfect opportunity to take a million pictures with his new camera, and Dave and Katie were thankful to have some pictures of the night! 

We gathered with family and old and new friends to share stories and memories of our journeys together with Dave and Katie.
 We gathered to mingle before dinner and Katie had filled the room with pictures that told hundreds of stories of our all growing up together.

 (I took this one.  My cute husband. I love him!)

 My son and my dad did not plan to match...but isn't it awesome?! haha

Travis is basically my adopted little brother because he was around so much growing up!

 Sweet Family


 Old friends
 (I got to hold sweet Millie!) 

 Dave and Katie shared a story about each bridesmaid, groomsman, and usher.
It was so thoughtful and kind.
And then Katie's sister, the matron of honor, shared an intricate story of their complicated friendship web...
I have not laughed that hard in quite a while!

 I probably do not need to tell you how awesome it was that the whole weekend was filled with cupcakes!

 It was a beautiful evening and a great start to celebrating their marriage!