Tuesday, November 6, 2012

...and then it was November. {What We've Been Up To}

Hello there blogworld!  We have been a little Absent-tee, as is my style around this time of year.  Fall (ahem...or should I say Winter?  It's 36 degrees outside as I speak!) has settled in quite nicely and we are busy, busy, busy.  When are we not?   That is the question.

Here is a short, photographed list of what we've been up to lately, just to catch you up to speed.

Back in August, highschoolers invaded my house...
Calvin had the cross-country team over for a pool party. 
They cleaned up after themselves. And said Thank You multiple times.
We were very pleased.

I got a new (to me) dishwasher!

Thanks to my wonderful Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Billy. 
And my two great guys for installing it for me.  Apparently it was quite the job.
Finally getting into a routine and back to cooking dinner. 
Yummy baked potato soup on a chilly night.

Back to school means back to the hussle and bussle of lesson planning and grading.
But I love my kiddos this year!  They are SO fun. 
I look forward to hanging out with them every single day.  And that is saying a lot!

The culinary arts students at school have started a new teacher cafe, where they cook meals from scratch for teachers every other week or so.  It's very reasonable pricey and super yummy!  
Exhibit A, pumpkin cheesecake!  I love my job.

Someone went to Homecoming...(see my new yellow door in the background!)

Calvin's cousin came to town for a rugby match.  What a fun experience!  We love Andy.  He has been a breath of fresh air and a great encouragement for Calvin in his journey to adoption.

Patrick is now one of our church's youth leaders. 
He and Calvin got away last weekend for a fall retreat. 
They had a blast!

I think that about brings us up to date!  Life has been a messy, busy, lovely whirlwind over the past few weeks.  Thanks for coming along on the ride with us!