Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here goes.

So, I call Patrick at work today to update him on various topics (I have a basketball game tonight, I will not be making dinner, my 6th period class was bad, you know, the usual). He responds with his usual listening voice, "Uh-huh, uh-huh... oh by the way, I signed you up for some run thing." Pause. "You what?" "This run thing. Like a race or something. Part of a marathon? I'm not sure..." "YOU DID WHAT?!?!" "Well, I don't know! You said you wanted to run and all! It's around 4 miles or something. It's like, you do part of a marathon, everyone runs a raise money. I thought you'd be happy!" Another pause. I am thinking about this. Continual pause. "Do you want me to cancel it???"

This is the part where all the excuses start going through my head:

I run slow.

Like, real slow.

What if I don't finish?

What if I am really really far behind everyone else and they just laugh at me?

What if I can't do it???

"No, don't cancel," I say. "I think it's good. It will make me do this. I'm going to do it. Thank you for thinking that I can!"

And so, that was that.

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Hokie Girl said...

Ok, as entertaining as that was to read, that was incredibly sweet! He's so thoughtful to do that for you! REALLY! At least you have a real goal in front of you that you can prepare for and work towards! You will do great! SO proud of you!!!