Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Good Day:

  • a house full of praise music as we get ready for church
  • strong, steaming coffee brewing to take with us
  • a lesson on the will of God in Sunday School with good friends
  • a convicting, gospel-centered sermon
  • leftover homemade mac and cheese and a salad for lunch
  • meeting a new friend at the gym and laughing through a tv show together on the treadmills
  • an invigorating run where I wasn't out of breath after the first mile!
  • reading and resting on the couch with a cup of tea
  • family dinner at my granny's and talking with the girls around the kitchen table
  • clean laundry folded and ready for the week
  • not having to grade papers
  • the cutest kitty in the world asleep at my feet

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