Thursday, January 7, 2010

Even closer to 30...

Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday! I am one who happens to love my birthday and treat it as a holiday. My gracious husband knows this and began wishing me Happy Birthday on Monday! I told him it wasn't my birthday yet and he said, "Well, don't you celebrate, like, all week or something?" Yes, I do! Yesterday was a great day!

One of my cheerleaders brought me a birthday cupcake :) I heart cupcakes.
And it was chocolate. I especially heart chocolate cupcakes.

My students sang Happy Birthday to me all day long. I'm glad the majority of them are not in the choir. It was silly and funny! And really off key.

The department head, with whom I lunch (doesn't that sound sophisticated?), brought me more chocolate (<3) and a sweet card.

I went to the gym and ran. Even though I said I would take the day off, for once, I felt like running! I wanted to! And since that doesn't happen a lot, I thought I would seize the moment. Plus, I consumed an unspeakable amount of chocolate at various times throughout the day, as previously mentioned.

Patrick took me to dinner at my favorite pizza place, Grace's. We even splurged and ordered Spinach Artichoke Dip which was to die for! Then we came home, made coffee, and did lots of schoolwork like the nerds we are. This was my present from Patrick, as requested:
That's right. New running shoes. Purple, shiny, sparkly running shoes, which my husband did not understand. "I just don't understand you girls...with your sparkles and your complexities!" was his exact quote. I told him, if I'm going to get new running shoes, why not have them be pretty ones?! ::Sigh:: was his only response.

I've decided that the only way to stay on track with exercising is to bribe myself with little treats, like new shoes, along the way. Plus, I didn't want to spend my other birthday dough on them, but I needed them. So a gift! That was the best way. See how materialistic and conniving I am? I'm not proud of this.

He also got me new drawer and cabinet pulls for my kitchen! This present he understood. "What? I can use my drill? Yesssss...." I think I heard him say this as we picked them out. These are only half installed. I'll post a picture soon. They make my kitchen look instantly newer :) Apparently, I'm now officially a grown up.

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Elizabeth B. said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Em!! It sounds like you had a lovely day...just what you deserve! =)