Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some random things:

1. I went with Cinderella Man. Good choice. My students need to see a strong father figure like Jimmy Braddock and the images of the Great Depression are spot-on what I wanted them to see. So many connections that we can make to To Kill a Mockingbird!

2. I have not eaten carbs in 2 days.

3. It's supposed to snow this weekend and, while everyone else seems to be sick of the snow, I am thoroughly delighted. I guess I'm a winter baby. Bring on the coziness.

4. I'm actually looking forward to running today since I have not gone in 3 days. Also, I had one of my cheerleaders volunteer to run with me and train me. I do not know whether I should be embarrassed by this or flattered.

5. I survived 1st semester of teaching 9th grade for the 2nd time. Officially today.

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