Sunday, February 13, 2011


Oh, hello.  Sorry that I have been silent for the month of Feburary so far; it's just that, well, I have been busy living February!  I have never been more excited to see January go and usher in a new month...I feel like our New Year started February 1.  January was so full of sickness, no motivation, and more or less seemed like a ginormous holiday hangover this year.  Yes, there were Happy Things, but it was not our best month despite my despereate attempts to try to make it happy and to find the joy.

I used to hate Febrary.  I had this little calendar when I was really young and each month was in a different color; I still associate the months by those colors.  February was a blue-grey.  And that summed it up for me.  Dreary, cold, and blue-grey.  But this year, I am anticipating Spring with the I-Can't-Wait-Until-Christmas type feelings.  And February just makes it feel that much closer.

So Happy New Year!  Can we get started on life again now?  Please and Thank You.

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