Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thinking About...

  • Paying Off Credit Card Debt - We are almost done with completely paying off all of our credit card debt.  We have been chunking away at it for the last year pretty significantly.  Last week, we used the majority of our tax return to pay it down to a very small last little chunk and will be completely done in two months.  It feels SO GOOD.  Next up, student loans.  Thank you, Dave Ramsey.  We love you after all.
  • The Way I Dress - I have a good bit of birthday money to spend and I've wanted to be really intentional to buy only things that I will love and wear for a long time.  I've been wearing a lot of dresses lately and have firmly decided that dresses are the way to go.  One piece to put on in the morning.  Throw on a cardigan or a jacket, a scarf, and cute shoes or boots and out the door.  No thinking.  I love it.  And you are instantly looking put together but are surprisingly comfortable.  I have been wearing black leggings or tights, but want to play around with dresses over skinny jeans.  I love the way Lisa dresses.  I want all of her clothes.  She also makes fantastic jewelry, which is how I started reading her blog.
  • Doing Without Cable - In the same vein of paying off our debt, we have been thinking about other ways to save around here.  We are considering not renewing our Direct TV contract this summer and just streaming what we want to watch using Hulu and maybe picking up a NetFlix subscription.  Anyone out there doing this?  Is it working for you?  SimpleMom had a good post on this a few weeks ago.  We have found ourselves lately only watching seasons of MadMen and various other shows on DVD format and watching only the few shows we keep up with regularly like Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock.  I think we could do this from Hulu.  Thoughts?
  • The Way We Shop - I have told you about the joys of Homestead Creamery and how it's like Christmas every Thursday morning around here when we get fresh, local milk and eggs on our doorstep.  Well, they are partnering with a CSA called Good People Good Food to offer shares of vegetables and fruits for the summer starting in May and going through November.  We signed up for a share of each.  We can also purchase local beef and pork through Homestead Creamery if we wished along with other dairy products like cheese and butter.  I am making it my goal this spring and summer to plan our meals around what we can get through them and try to buy only a few little things that we need at the grocery store.  Instead of the opposite way I'm doing it now.  I'm excited to see how this will work out and what kinds of veggies and fruit we will get through the CSA.
What are you thinking about this weekend?

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Shelley said...

I'm with ya on paying off debt! We want to be debt free (minus the mortgage) before having kids, and it is definitely an uphill battle!