Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Things: Day 1

Because I have been sinus-infection sick lately...  and because I was so out of it I ground up a piece of frozen ginger in my smoothie yesterday instead of the frozen banana I thought I was grabbing...
I needed to concentrate on the happy.  On the many daily blessings I have.  So for the next 10 days, I am going to post about the little happy things I find throughout my day.

Yesterday was Day 1.  Here are my Happy Things:
  • The lovely package from my sweet brother I came home to on the porch filled with Trader Joe's coffee
  • Wearing new boots bought with birthday money
  • Hope, encouragement, and advice from a good friend

What are your Happy Things today?

1 comment:

Patrick, Ashley, and Audrey said...

Hi! I love the Happy things idea!:) You're like MArtha..."it's a good thing"!:) hehe

my happy thing was eaaaarly this morning....audrey woke up way too early and as soon as I picked her up, she said "Oh my mommy!" and gave me a big kiss....made it worth getting up early!:)