Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Things: Day 4 and an Interruption

We interrupt this version of Happy Things to bring you something oh-so-unhappy, The Flu.

So the baby shower on Saturday went off without a glitch; it was lovely and wonderful and so many of my favorite people and good friends from my church family gathered in the same place to celebrate our dear friend, Rebecca.
Rebecca is the one in the middle.

So I came home Saturday afternoon feeling a little more tired than usual but thought nothing of it; I had, after all, just played Hostess With the Mostess.  And then 4:30 in the morning came.  I woke up suddenly with the chills and feeling the distinct feeling that all the delicious food I had eaten that afternoon was making it's way back up.

And then it hit.  Over and over again until about 1:00 the next afternoon.
And then the aching.
The chills and then the sweats.
The nausea.
The headache.
Did I mention the aching?
I could not move from the couch.
How have I caught every single illness that has come along this season?

And I thought about this blog and how I have been happily posting all the great things lately and how I could post about the flu in the midst of all the "Happy Things"?

But that is what the Happy Things are about, right?  Finding the daily blessings in the midst of the crazy.  Seeing the joyful in the midst of the pain.  Wondering and awing at the God who shows compassion to the needy and provides rest for the weary, who showers us with blessings in the form of not only possessions, but far better:  advice and encouragement from a friend, a hearty chat with the mother-in-law, and a husband who  provides and cares for me so well.

So, today's Happy Things are about how my wonderful husband showered me with kindness while I felt like death warmed over.

He brought me flowers.
Which I put near the couch so I could see them while I dozed in and out of consciousness over the last 48 hours.

He did the laundry and the dishes. 

And he cleaned out the fridge, went grocery shopping, and brought me these lovely things which seemed to be all I could keep down.

And today, I found these on the counter:
Apparently he snuck in a little something Happy for himself at the grocery store. :)

Have I mentioned that I have the best man out there? 

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