Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Things: Day 6 - Back to Life, Back to Reality

Oh what a better day this was than yesterday.  The flu and its aftermath is finally leaving me alone, forgoodnesssake.  I finally ate an entire meal tonight for dinner, and that, my friends, is progress if I do say so myself.  Here are some other parts of this good day:

1. A two-hour early dismissal.  Anticipating snow that never showed up, this day was already a scheduled two-hour early dismissal but teachers were supposed to stay and work after students left.  The threat of snow allowed us to leave early as well.  Oh my lovely couch; how you never cease to amaze me with your goodness.

2. I wrote on Facebook on a whim that I was thinking about purchasing a bread machine.  And then I had 2 offers for free ones.  One of those free ones was delivered to me tonight!

Complete with instruction manual and folder of recipes.  Yum.

This happened once before when our air conditioner went out.  We posted on Facebook and literally five minutes later our neighbor showed up with a window unit at our door.  Patrick says I should post that I'm thinking about purchasing diamond earrings and just see what happens...

3. I love that often Patrick and I send each other links for funny and good articles we find or read throughout the day.  Today he sent me this one.  I sent him this one.

4. Loved when Patrick called me and said, "I have lots of good things to talk to you about.  Let's talk over dinner."  I love that.

5. Coming home to a new magazine.  Always makes for a relaxing end to the day, curling up on the couch.

Also, that tomorrow is Thursday!  And that means that Friday and the weekend are right around the corner!

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