Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Week

Well, here I am watching the Golden Globes, giving myself a pedicure, and drinking TheraFlu on Sunday night.  I can't decide if it's hilariously funny or incredibly awkward when Ricky Gervais cuts on people sitting right there in the room...

I officially finished Antibiotic Round 1 this morning.  I will be calling the doctor and begging his sweet mercy to give me Round 2.  Because Round 1 DID NOT WORK.  I am still sick.  I cannot hear myself talk (or sing, which the pew in front of me in church this morning will probably un-happily attest to).

But I am not letting that hold me back!

We saw True Grit on Saturday night, which was actually really good!  Patrick was sure I would hate it because it's a western.  Hello, it had Matt Damon in it.  Mustache or no mustache, he is a cutie.

I went to the coffee shop and got TONS of work done this afternoon.  Which enabled me to lay on the couch and drink Theraflu this evening guilt free.

I have made myself some goals for the week, seeing as it will be relatively not busy.
(I love how "not busy" these days means I only have things to do 3 out of 5 days this week instead of 5 out of 5.  That is another story.)

Goal #1: Workout 3 times. 

Goal #2: Finish reading Prince Caspian and begin Voyage of the Dawn Treader so we can hopefully see it in 3-D before it goes off!  I'm one of those who HAS to read the book before seeing the movie.

Goal #3: Vacuum my house.  I'm actually excited about this one now that I have a new vacuum cleaner.  (Is that sad?)

Goal #4: Get up before 6:00 am each day.  So I don't feel rushed in the morning.

Nothing big or dramatic.  I'm easily pleased.

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