Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Travel to Australia: Step 2

Hire someone to clean your house.

And then hire them to come again right before you come back so that you can enjoy the post-vacation glow for a little while longer.

Totally worth on it on the budgeting side of things. (I'm thinking of the cost in terms of giving up 2 dinners out. Sooo worth it.)

This may be the smartest thing I have ever done.


Patrick, Ashley & Audrey said...

I was just telling Patrick I wanted to hire someone to clean our house like once a month and I will do the weekly stuff that must be done. I don;t thin it's going to happen for me! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!!

Emily said...

Don't worry, Ash. It's only these 2 times then we go right back to normal. I just had so much to do this week I couldn't even think about it! If your Patrick ever consents, the lady that is coming to do mine is great!

C-diddy said...

I dream of this. Seriously. We are so busy all the time that we have no chance to clean. I would give up all kinds of things to pay someone to clean for me... even once a month!