Sunday, June 6, 2010

Travel to Australia: Step 1.

Purchase HUGE new suitcases.
Make sure your husband's is a nice masculine color like dark green.
Meanwhile, yours can be Sangria.
(also known as pink)
Feel really proud of yourself until your husband announces that since you have said pink suitcase, you cannot expect him to help you carry it.
Wish you had thought this through a little more thoroughly.


Hokie Girl said...

Hubby would rather carry the big pink bag than the HOT PINK sony cybershot camera I bought myself for Christmas!!! Yes, it is the family point and shoot and yes, he swore he'd never use it....Ehhhemm, he has taken it with him on a weekend golf trip and a work related trip for the SWAT team! Yep, he's totally ok with pink now!!!

amy said...

LOL! No joke, I bought the same hot pink suitcase a few weeks ago for our mission trip!!!!!! hubby hasn't said anything yet....I will let you know what he does once we are at the airport!