Friday, June 4, 2010

On Beets and Couponing (or the lack thereof).

Yesterday we received our first box of fresh farm vegetables from Homestead Creamery (the company that delivers our milk and dairy). They have partnered with a local farm and are offering 5 pound boxes of fresh vegetables delivered to our house with our milk each week for $6. There are two options from which to choose, and we chose to alternate choices each week. This week we received "Option B" which contained the following:

2 pounds of fresh green beans, 4 zucchini, and 3 beets.

Yes, beets.
(Offerings within the boxes change as the season continues.)

I was slightly puzzled when I opened the box and found 3 huge beets staring me in the face. Not to be phased, I have been scouring the web for recipes and have settled on trying these two.

I'm actually really glad we have a little less control over what comes in these boxes. I believe this will definitely encourage us to eat a little healthier each day as we try to use up the veggies and try new things.

Speaking of which, I read this post by Aimee, whom I don't know but find her blog really helpful and encouraging. I'm not a coupon-er (sorry, folks). Mostly because we are trying not to eat really processed foods and more healthy whole foods. You simply can't do that with coupons. (They don't make coupons for beets, that's for sure!) Plus, I know my tendencies, and I would, I'm sure, buy lots of things we don't need simply because "it was a good deal." Sometimes I beat myself up a little for spending a little too much at the grocery store (although we have found that buying things in bulk as much as we can saves money) and not scouring all the sites for deals, but this post made me feel a little better.


Aimee said...

awwww, thanks for linkin' to me ;) The beets made me laugh...I think of Schrute Beet Farm on "The Office" and it just cracks me up!

How blessed you are to have dairy delivery...that is wonderful...enjoy it all and NO COUPONING GUILT :)

Hokie Girl said...

You can actually get lots of healthy stuff with coupons...more than you realize. I've stayed completely away from processed food this pregnancy, but stock up on good healthy cereals, yogurts, cheese, juice and all kinds of stuff. It has taken me over a YEAR to really get into the couponing and now I am a little over the top, but it isn't for everyone!!! Yay for fresh veggies that nice! Fill us in on some good beet recipes..I'm interested!