Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Sensible Shoes:

I ordered new shoes to take to Australia today. I set out to order a comfortable, yet not ugly shoe that I could walk in, go to dinner in, be comfortable in.

Something like this:

Then I started to think about the pictures that we will take while we're there. The pictures we will show everyone who asks. The pictures we will share with our kids and grandkids someday. Do I want to look at my pictures and say "Ugh, why did I where that outfit?" or "This would have really been better had I worn cuter shoes." Do I want to be forever immortalized as the "Girl with the Comfortable Shoes"? No!

So, this is what I ordered:

Maybe I overthought it.
But I did read all the customer reviews and every single one said something like, "I wear these boots with EVERYTHING!" So I'm thinking that means any outfit I will wear in Australia, correct?
Life is short. Who has time for sensible shoes?

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