Monday, June 7, 2010


So, you know it's the end of the school year when I start looking for ANYTHING to distract me from having to grade thousands (slight exaggeration) of research papers in my free time. Lately, my distraction has been laundry. I have jumped at the chance to do even the smallest load. I've ironed my clothes for school everyday (I usually am not an ironer. I'm a stand-at-the-dryer-like-a-puppy-and-grab-those-suckers-when-they-come-out sort of person). Anything, really, to keep from having to write another note about internal documentation or MLA format. Pathetic, I know. On the flipside, every piece of clothing in our house is clean and smelling fresh and I'm on fabulous terms with my husband, who loves a good clean shirt in his closet.

So, in honor of this week's distraction, I thought I would show you my laundry team. I'm not gonna lie, one reason I choose laundry as a formal distraction is that the clothes smell so dang good. I really am a Tide girl. Powdered Tide with Bleach. Have been since my first day of laundry. Recently, though, I went out on a limb and tried the new Method pump detergent. Let me tell you, the smell combination of these two beauties is pure heaven. HEAVEN. Please try it. You will understand why laundry is my distraction and that I really am not the wackadoo I make myself out to be.

I pair it with Downy Spice Blossom Dare. This was pure coincidental. The superhuge one was on sale at Sam's. But it's so good, I'm never going back.

I also really like Mrs. Meyers Ironing Spray. Unfortunately they have discontinued it, which is really sad, and means I have to ration what I have left very slowly.

So there you go. Wacko Laundry Girl. Better than losing my mind grading, right? RIGHT??


Lindsey Baskette said...

check for ms. meyers on ebay. I recently swiped some discontinued yankee fragrance fan refills on that gem of a site. And thanks for the laundry update. I'll be mixing your specialty drink in my washer next load!

Emily said...

Oooo ebay...Great idea! I miss you Lindsey!! I've been following your blog and LOVE the cute calendar Will made for you. :) Hope you're doing well!