Sunday, May 16, 2010


Life has been busy.

I have neglected blogging.

I'm ok with that, but I know some of you aren't (ahem...Bethany....Suzanne....)
I apologize.

Here are some updates:

1. I did, in fact, complete my first 5k!!! On May 8, 2010. Mark it down in history. Can I officially call myself a runner now??? It was so much fun that I'm scouring the web this very moment for another one (also I need the accountability to keep running now that it's over). I will post pictures soon. I have to sweet talk my husband into uploading them for me because they are, at the moment, trapped inside our new camera. I can't find the upload cord thingy because he put it somewhere where I couldn't find and then promptly lose it, as I am known to do with such things.

2. We are officially in the countdown stage until summer! 21 School Days. It is so. close. I. can. taste. it.

3. I am caught up on grading after an entire month of being behind and playing catch up every single day. I realize this is only interesting to myself, but I need to put it down on this list because it feels so good to write those words.

4. We offically have plans for a Lord of the Rings Tour in New Zealand!! Thus, I'm deviating (again) from the booklist and reading the books as quickly as I can. All the pictures I look at are incredibly breath-taking. This is the perfect way to start our New Zealand/Australia adventure!!

5. I'm going to bite the bullet and start counting Weight Watcher points again tomorrow. (It is seriously the only thing that works for me.) I've planned out my whole week of eating. I made a spreadsheet. I am OCD.

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