Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Race

I finally got my pictures uploaded from my first 5k on May 8. The race was called Gallop 4 the Greenways, and it was held to raise money to expand and build more greenways here in our city. This race is held every year and this is the first year that we actually got to run on completed greenways built with money raised in previous years. It was a beautiful run, by the river and around the edges of the city. I want to do it again next year!

Patrick was at the finish line to capture me crossing the finish line.
(I don't know why I'm swinging my arms in this ridiculous way.
I'm working on my form after seeing this picture.)
I was about on pace for a 12 minute mile. That's about what I do normally. I'm a slow runner, but I'm running! That's the important part.

I did it!

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Patrick, Ashley & Audrey said...

Good for you Emily! Awesome! :)