Friday, May 7, 2010


Tomorrow is the day.

I'll be running my first 5k.

I'm slightly nervous because I haven't run outside in weeks because of my asthma (nerd). I tried to run outside yesterday and was sadly disappointed with the number of times I had to stop and walk. In my defense, I tried to run with a friend who is faster than me, and I started out trying to match her pace. Lesson learned: slow running is best, at least for me. I will do slow running tomorrow.

Patrick says he will come cheer me on at the finish line and take some pictures so I can prove that I actually did it! He says that while I'm running, he will be going over to the Texas Tavern and having an afternoon snack. Slacker.

Also my brother and his new girlfriend are coming in tomorrow (His girlfriend was also our next door neighbor growing up. You know, the familiar story of being best friends all their lives and everyone telling you, "You should just date Katie." "What??? No!! We're just friends!" And then, one day, they realize that they should have listened to everyone all along because they really are PERFECT for each other! Yeah, that's their story. LOVE THEM.)

(Mom, stop reading now) And we are giving my mother a very fun mother's day present that I can't wait to try out too.

It's going to be a good weekend. BRING. ON. THE. WEEKEND.

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