Monday, May 10, 2010


It's me. I'm back at the coffee shop. In my usual spot. Doing school work.

Just wanted to share this:
There is a group of guys (maybe college age?) sitting next to me. Tattoos, ear gauges, scary looking to some people. And they are talking hardcore about Christ.

I love it.

Literally there has not been one sentence out of their mouths that has not been about the goodness of God and the redemption He offers us through Jesus. They are sharing their struggles. One of them just found out his parents were getting divorced today. One is struggling with the line of how much is too much to drink. One is struggling with the custody agreement he just worked out over the child he had out of wedlock and is now desperately trying to bring up in a Godly home, despite the circumstances. One is a pastor, answering questions. The guys are all begging for wisdom. They are discussing purity, peace in decision making, hearing from God, the beauty of abstinence.

Now they are praying for broken hearts.

Yes, I'm eaves-dropping. I can't help it. I'm being lifted up and challenge just by sitting next to them. They will probably never know the impact and the encouragement their conversations have given me as I sit here chugging away at the test I will give to my 9th graders in 2 days. As I've typed the words and thought about how I've taught the last unit, I'm reminded of my purpose as a teacher.

We asked God this morning at our Monday morning teacher's Bible Study to give us eyes to see and to remind us of our purpose--our REAL purpose--as teachers: to love kids and show and be Christ to them. Who knew he would do it in such a creative way. I serve an amazing God!

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Elizabeth said...

Love it. Gave me chills.