Tuesday, May 25, 2010


  • I got to have 3 planning periods in a row. Thank you, SOL Testing! I completed all the paperwork I have been putting off for quite some time.
  • My students got to speak with the author of the book we are currently reading, via Skype. It was AMAZING! She spoke with us through video chat for 30 minutes and even played the piano for us (she is a world-renown pianst as well as writer). It was seriously one of the coolest experiences I've had, especially as a teacher. I do not teach an easy group of students, and they were totally into it.
  • I bought 3 new running tops from Walmart. (I needed some motivation.)
  • I'm making this for dinner. I'm mildly obsessed with Jamie Oliver after watching the Food Revolution. EVERY recipe of his I have tried is Fantastic. I would like to buy his book.
  • I took a much needed nap after school. Like, a serious nap. In pajamas and with a real pillow, not a throw pillow from the couch.
  • I am watching the 2-hour season finale of Chuck. This makes me a) happy because I LOVE CHUCK and b) sad because it's over until next season.
  • We get to see our friends Shawn and Sarah, who also love Chuck, and who have ditched us for birthing class the last 6 Monday nights, leaving us to watch on our own.

A very good day indeed. :)

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Patrick, Ashley & Audrey said...

Emily....we too, love CHUCK! It was a great cliff hanger, wasn't it!