Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Week of Thankfulness

This was maybe my favorite Thanksgiving Break ever!  It was the perfect mix of restfulness and productivity.  I got to catch up with a lot of family and friends while also getting to relax and just spend some good time curled up on the couch. 

The long weekend kicked off with an early dismissal at school on Wednesday.  Our freshmen participated in a service project to raise money for World Vision to be dispersed throughout needy areas in the world in the form of medicine, clean water, and food.  It's a way for us to help students learn that there is a world outside of their little bubble that they tend to get so wrapped up in.  A hurting, impoverished, and needy world.  To motivate for the money raising, we decided to up the stakes a little offer teacher stunts at certain levels of money raised.  I took a pie in the face from each student who raised at least $100.

Thursday morning, instead of sleeping like I normally do, my college friends who were in town and I ran in the Drumstick Dash with 11,500 other runners!  And...drumroll please...I ran the entire 3.1 miles!  I was so proud of myself, and it felt so good!  It has really motivated me to keep up with the running.

Then we headed over to my mom and dad's house for Thanksgiving #1 (aka the only Thanksgiving that I took pictures at, because I'm lame and forgot to even get the camera out at the Herndons.)

My Grandad George turned 90 last week!

 Being silly trying to make my Grandad Robert smile.  It is hard work!

 Self-proclaimed "BFFs" = Scary.

We celebrated my grandad and my brother's birthday along with Thanksgiving.

And we took a semi-decent picture on the first try!

Patrick's parents joined us at my parents' house on Thursday since we weren't eating at their house until Friday.  It was nice to have everyone all together!

We spent all day Friday lounging around and doing a lot of nothing, which is of course my favorite.  I did go on a walk with a friend and make a green bean casserole to take to the Herndons.  We had dinner with them and Patrick's brothers' family and his aunt and uncle around 6:00.  We took the camera and everything and I forgot to even get it out!  But it was an awesome meal and a good relaxing time.

Saturday, my mom and I set out early to do some Christmas shopping.  Surprisingly it wasn't crowded.  We enjoyed just hanging out, shopping, and having lunch at Panera Bread.  Then she dropped me off at the Herndons where they were all gathered to watch the Tennessee game.  I played with my niece and nephews and ate another helping of pumpkin pie!

Sunday, we enjoyed the first service of Advent at church.  Then stopped by Lowe's and ended up seeing one of our friends who works there and his wife who had stopped by to visit him.  We had just seen her at church but hadn't really had a chance to talk and catch up, so that was nice!  We got lunch at Sonic and came home to start the Christmas decorating!
 Scary attic.

 I look fat, but my front pockets are actually full of zip-ties with which to attach the lights to the roof, just to clarify.
 And, yes, I am actually married to Clark Griswald.

 Patrick had actually devised a system of rolling up the lights for the roof in a huge tarp the last time we had them out (two Christmases ago!), so we just hoisted them onto the roof, attached them, and rolled them back out.  We couldn't believe it actually worked!  There were only two spots where lights had gone out and no longer worked so he will have to get up there and replace those strands, but overall, it was much easier than we anticipated!

I'm starting to feel the Christmas spirit around here.

Which may explain why I am NOT READY to go back to school tomorrow.

Oh, Thanksgiving Break, if only you could last forever.

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