Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunflowers and Christmas Lights

I left my wonderful husband all alone this weekend to do schoolwork while I went to Rockbridge for Young Life Fall Weekend, which was AMAZING! I had a blast hanging out with highschool girls and talking about what it means to have a relationship with Christ. We ran hard, stayed up too late, ate way too much candy, and took A LOT of pictures. Which I will post tomorrow.
But for now, I wanted you to see what I came home to:

Gorgeous flowers on the dining room table.
Don't I have the best husband, ever?
Wait. Let's zoom out a little.

What's that beside those pretty flowers?
Next to the BEAUTIFUL Hermes bag he brought me from China?
Oh, yes. It's Christmas lights.
This is what he did while I was gone:

I cannot tell you how joyful the lights and garland above the cabinets make me at Christmas time. It makes for a soft, lovely glow and really gets me in the holiday spirit. Since we have such an open floorplan upstairs, it makes the whole area so Christmas-sy and bright!
And here's the best part... I didn't have to help! See, where I get frustrated and sweaty and mean trying to hang up these lights (which involves a lot of reaching and twisting and chair climbing), Patrick is joyful and truly loves to do it! So to come home with it done and nothing left to do but simply enjoy is a seriously great present.

He also braved the attic and got out the rest of the Christmas decorations, so we are ready to go!
I was really dreading doing this job thanks to the thousands of stinkbugs that invaded the Roanoke Valley at the end of the summer. I had nightmares of pulling down the attic stairs and having hundreds of dead (or alive!) stinkbugs falling on me!! I'm so paranoid.
So in short, I have the best husband ever.
He also does the dishes.
And sometimes the laundry.

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