Saturday, October 16, 2010

Precious, lovely Saturday.

Patrick is out of town AGAIN.
The boy is gone so much I can't keep up with it.
This is the last time for a good long while, we think.

So, I went to the football game last night and saw a lot of my students.
I got caught up on all the "who's going to Homecoming with who" gossip.
I shoo-ed away many boys trying to talk to my cheerleaders as they sold programs.
I got lots of hugs and smiles.
I love being entrenched in this great community.
I love it that my students are happy to see me and want me to know what's going on in their lives.

I stayed up really late, because it was Friday night, and I wanted to.
Then, I slept until 10:00 this morning.

I watched the Food Network for as long as I wanted
because Patrick was not here to whine about Rachael Ray's nasal-voice.

I realized I had all the ingredients for this soup, so I put it in the crockpot.

Now, I'm going to meander around Target for an insanely long time.

Then, I'm going to come home and read a book.
For pleasure.
On the couch.
With an entire pot of tea.

And I'm NOT going to grade a single paper.

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McV said...

Ah, I don't want to say that I love it when the huband is out of town, but I do kind of relish the alone time and the ability to watch shows he hates, sleep with the tv on and cook things he doesn't like, not to mention wander target with no time limit and no where to be. :)