Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Way We Roll

Just for fun and in an effort to record our life so that one day we can look back on these days in sweet remembrace, I started a list one night beside my bed of all the little things that Patrick and I do on a daily basis. The little routines we've taken up, the "rules of house" we've instituted--not outright, but things we do that just sort of just work for us; how we do things here at our house. In essence, how we roll. Here's what I came up with for now:
  • Twice a day coffee - Our automatic drip cuts on at exactly 6:42 each morning. I take the first cup and leave the rest for Patrick. Sometimes I cut it off because he prefers his coffee lukewarm (weird). Patrick makes a second pot every evening after dinner so that we are properly caffeinated to do any schoolwork going on or to enjoy while catching up on the DVR.
  • Always keep the Brita full - We love our Brita water filter. Like, in a weirdly obsessive kind of way. Patrick dropped and broke the one we got for our a wedding present about 3 months ago and we were forced to purchase a new one. We went that night. As in, about 5 minutes after the incident took place. We were not going without it.
  • Laundry Day on Sunday - We do laundry once a week. That's it. If it doesn't get done on Sunday, it waits til next week.
  • Thursday Night TV Event - We LOVE Thursday night TV. LOVE LOVE LOVE. We try to spread out the love all week long with the help of our DVR.
  • A Sabbath Nap - After church every Sunday we literally have naptime. It's lovely and refreshing. God tells us to rest. We happily do so.
  • Seinfeld for Dinner - I know you're supposed to sit down around the table and chat it up for dinner every night, and we will. Later in life when we have kids. For now, we eat on tv trays in the living room watching Seinfeld reruns. We do chat (during the commercials). It is incredibly relaxing and has become our downtime each evening before gearing up for getting schoolwork complete. I'm not at all embarassed by this very American habit we have developed of eating in front of the TV. It's how we roll.


amy said...

How sweet! I love that you kept a list! The coffee routine is the same for us! Miss you guys!

Elizabeth B. said...

I most always take a nap on Sunday afternoons, too. No matter what kind of week I've had, it's like my body is just naturally disposed to napping on that day. But you're absolutely correct: it IS a day of rest! =)

Jenna said...

we ate dinner in front of seinfield almost every night too until aidan was born! :) now we have family dinner every night. funny how things change.