Monday, April 19, 2010


I received the following text message from my husband this afternoon at approximately 12:30:

"Marathon=cancelled... Connie dropped it like it was hot...Joe is sick with allergies/ear infection and your a gimp"

Of course, they did not cancel the entire marathon just because our lovely faces would not be present. The marathon is on. We, however, as in, our team, are out.

I have somehow hurt my knee (the chiropractor is saying probably a case of burcitis...spelling??...) and other members of our team are having breathing issues due to the vast amount of pollen in the air. The knee is coming along; I'm icing regularly and taking a lot of Motrin. It gets better everyday and I'm going to try to run on it by Thursday, I think.

This is all probably for the best as this was not exactly the best weekend in our lives for huge event like my first race. 1. Patrick is out of town, at school. 2. My parents are also out of town with my grandparents. (This combined with #1 means there will be nobody to cheer my on! That is not how I forsaw my first race going in my head. I envision banners and streamers...)
and 3. It is PROM WEEKEND. I am in charge of prom and will therefore be spending all day Friday and late into the night on Saturday hanging out with a schoolfull of teenagers. I think I will be a little exhausted. A marathon (or even part of one) might have been pushing it.

Fear not, though!! I am not giving up my goal of running. Knowing my procrastinating self, I went ahead and signed up for a 5k (probably a better place for me to start than a relay marathon) on May 8. It's called Gallop 4 the Greenway and it goes through downtown Roanoke, basically where I would have been running my part of the marathon. It seems I do better with a goal ahead of me; I know I would probably drop off the running game were it not for some looming race in the future. Heck, I'm thinking about just signing up for a bunch of them throughout the rest of the entire year (read: life) just so I make sure to continue working out a couple times during the week. Mike the Runner is being hardcore and may run with me; HE IS THINKING ABOUT RUNNING 2 5KS IN A DAY! Told you he was hardcore. I'm just not there yet.


Suzanne Stuart said...

I have anxiously been awaiting a post for quite some time!! I gave up on checking your blog daily for a post describing the wonderful weekend yours truly spent visiting....but alas you have FINALLY updated us on Life at the Herndons. Although you forgot to blog about Pat's birthday I was pleasantly surprised to see that you the lastest addtion to "Life at the Herndon's." Let's run a road race together this summer!

Emily said...


I still do need to post about Pat's birthday! I had put if off because we don't have any pictures and I felt like it just wouldn't be the same. How can we forget Sheila dropping the cake though?! haha. I'll see what I can come up with. Maybe a post dedicated to Pat since he just finished my bathroom for me!! :) I would love to run a race with you! Let me know! (And make sure it's a short one haha) Isn't your half marathon coming up soon??