Sunday, December 13, 2009

Because I'm Always Thankful,

not just on Thanksgiving, for my amazing family...

And because I've been a slacker lately and keep forgetting to post these...

And, finally, because my mother has called again begging to see the pictures and accusing me of holding them hostage on my camera and I'm scared she might start threatening to take away my Christmas presents and/or upcoming birthday presents if I don't do it soon...

Here they are! My beautiful family on Thanksgiving.

My cousin, and former partner in crime, Scott and his beautiful wife, Mandy.

Uncle Buddy and Aunt Karen. There's a more normal (read: boring) picture of them where they are looking straight at the camera and smiling sweet innocent smiles. This is one is better. It's more realistic. The bunny ears say everything that needs to be said about these two.

Jenny and Ron. She's graduating from Virginia Tech on Friday! We're gonna party like it's 1999...

My cousin Katy and her friend. Isn't she lovely? I often wonder how I came to be related to all these gorgeous redheads. I hope the genes that skipped me end up in my children. I dream of raising beautiful redheaded babies!! ::sigh:: Someday...

The rest of the Price family. Beauties.

Granddaddy Robert presented me quite the challenge. What I am saving you from here is the series of photos I had to take of him just to get one where he was smiling. Well, half-smiling. That's about as good as it got (until I put the camera down of course). If you know my granddad, you know this is so typical. And so why we love him.

This is my Granny. I love Granny. She embodies quiet peace and strength and humility. And the woman looks good in blue! Told you she was amazing.

Neva and Granddaddy George. These two have a wonderful story that I will share with you somedays. I'm so thankful for them.
My cousin Andy and his lovely girlfriend, Jessica. I think Jessica is an amazing woman for three reasons: 1. She fits in with our family perfectly. 2. She dates my cousin Andy, who is also great. And truly needs a good woman. And 3. She has 5 brothers. This is an important reason because my granddaddy George, who has dementia and often, often repeats himself, likes to tell the story of his five sisters. After hearing his story 95, 604, 034, 239 times, it is easy to run out of responses. Not Jessica. She just comes right back at him with "Oh yeah, well I had five brothers!" We are truly thankful when she's around.

Cousin Nathan, who has a very sweet heart for people. And he's really good at making those video slideshow thingys. This talent comes in very handy in a large family with many, many graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Desmond and his mama. Friends are might as well be family. No. No. They are family. We love them.

We were also to celebrate some birthdays happening on or near Thanksgiving!
Dave, my sweet little (but taller!) brother. He's an old man now. I told it's all downhill from here.

Jessica. Look at that beautiful cake!

And Granddaddy George. The reason he looks slightly confused here is because Dave and Jessica got money in their cards and he didn't (he forgets that he's the grown-up here). Don't worry, later when they and my grandma weren't looking he snagged some of their dough and pocketed it. The look on his face was devilish. And pure joy!

I was thankful that my immediate family was all together. Dave lives in D.C. now, so this doesn't get to happen as much. It was so sweet to have him home for a little bit. Isn't he handsome??

Here's the mama. My mama. The one who threatened me about the pictures!

My dad and his companion, Roxanne the dog. Do not let Roxanne's cute little face fool you. She's the most hyperactive dog on the planet.
I was also thankful for the person who made this cheesecake. It was HEAVEN.

I was also thankful that I remembered I had these homemade pickles in my cupboard to share! My first attempt at pickle-making was quite the success. Delicious!

Here's my baby girl. Ain't she pretty? I was thankful to get to curl up with her all weekend and get some rest.

Lastly, I'm thankful for this guy. My guy. Because he puts up with me! And he loves my family. And he brings me flowers. And he wants to raise beautiful redheaded children with me someday. And he likes coffee and movies on the couch and Christmas. Because he thinks he's Clark W. Griswald and covers our house in Christmas lights every year. Because he eats my cooking and doesn't complain. Because he tells me I'm pretty and smart and that, doggone it, people like me! I love him. He's the perfect husband.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful holiday season! Christmas pictures will not be 2 and 1/2 weeks late, I promise!

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Hokie Girl said...

I LOVED that....You are so sweet! And Patrick is are great and we all love you!!!! (and I like alot of those other people too....hehe!)