Monday, December 28, 2009

The Easiest Dinner Ever

Call it being "on break," call it "lazy," call it "unmotivated"....but I haven't fixed dinner at home in a while. Really, December has been really busy and I stopped even attempting to go to the grocery store because for a while we had SOMETHING Every. Single. Night. Being on Christmas Break has only faciliatated this, because laying around all day and then rolling on over to Grandma's for Christmas dinner has been the game plan this past week.

Today, I attempted to reenter the ballgame. I went to Sam's and bulked shopped. I made a meal plan for the next 3 weeks...did you hear me??? 3 weeks! Because I know once school starts and basketball games start comin' my way, I will retreat and lay in the fetal position and not want to cook or do anything after 3:00 in the afternoon. Dealing with teenage adolescense and the issues that come with will take all my energy.

So I reentered the game tonight with this easy, easy dish: Garlic-Tomato Pasta.
Here is the step-by-step. You ready??

1. Put on pasta to boil.
2. Get out a saute pan. (This was the hardest part because mine was in the back of the cabinet with a bunch of crap piled on top of it.)
3. Put olive oil in the pan. Turn it on medium.
4. *Optional, but really tasty: Put 3 anchovies into the olive oil. (Do not tell Patrick about this part. He probably would not eat it if he knew...)
5. Promptly dispose of leftover anchovies in the can in the OUTSIDE trashcan so that your cats, who are now circling your feet, will go light somewhere else, for goodness sake.
6. Use your Pampered Chef Garlic Press on 2 cloves of garlic, directly into pan. Stir.
7. Stir in some white wine. (Have a glass or two in the process.)
8. Dump in a can of diced tomatoes which you buy in bulk. Be really proud of yourself for having these on hand.
9. Drain pasta.
10. Mix all together.

**In the meantime, write a quick blog post. Really, it was that easy.

Enjoy! And Happy Almost New Year!

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