Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolution #1 - Read Through the Bible

So I'm already 10 days behind on my resolutions for the new year.  What can I say?  That seems to be the Story of My Life these days.  But I did make some moves in the right direction today.  I know my list-making, OCD self, and I knew that if I wanted to read through the entire Bible I would need a plan.  Something I could actually stick to so that I would not vere from the course so easily.

I tried reading through the Bible in 90 Days.  It was too much.  I couldn't keep up with it, and then I felt like I was drowning and always playing catch up, and I felt overwhelmed, so I did what I always do when I feel overwhelmed, which is to crumble under the pressure and just give up.

And then I tried reading along with the calendar our church puts out, which was great.  In fact it is stuck in my Bible and is my go-to in the mornings right now.  But I just picked it up one day in the middle of the year and started doing it, and it bothered me that I hadn't started at the beginning.   I want to start at the beginning and finish at the end.

And then I came across this post which was filled with numerous options and plans!  So resourceful! 

I chose the chronological plan because I thought it would really help me to read things in context of the time period. 

So I'm ten days behind but I am starting this afternoon.  It's a couple of chapters a day, so I think it is very doable.

And with that being said I am adding these two things to my list of resolutions for the year:


Allie Kier said...

You've inspired me with your plan! This is on my "30 Before 30" list, and I've been such a failure at it so far. I normally get off to a good start but then fizzle. I think I'm going to print off this chronological plan and check it off. Thanks for the inspiration Emily!!

Emily and Patrick said...

Awww thanks! We should do it together! I need someone to keep me accountable.