Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Still working on pictures from the holidays....  Maybe that should be a New Years Resolution?  Procrastination is really an art form, and I have worked long and hard to perfect it.  In the meantime I wanted to tell you Happy New Year!

Edie had the most fantastic post on Resolutions.  I loved it.  And I totally agreed.  Up until reading her post I had not made any resolutions, but she convinced me.  So here they are!  A new start and some new year goals.  And whether I accomplish them or not is not the issue.  It's the blank slate and the hoping and planning and allowing yourself to dream just a little bit.  I didn't get too ambitious so maybe things will work out this year.

Happy New Year everyone!
May 2012 be the year where you meet the Lord in fresh and new ways.
May your faith increase and your love multiply.

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