Saturday, October 15, 2011

Savoring Saturday

Today was so good.

And on the topic of hurrying, we did none of that.

We spent the day slowing down, relaxing, and savoring each little bit of time spent together:

-Sleeping until 9:30 (late for me!) and slowly sipping a warm cup of coffee.

-My awesome husband scheduled me a surprise professional massage. I didn't even know I needed this.  I found out that I desperately needed it.  It was amazing.

-Having lunch together down on the market.

-Catching up on a little missed TV.

-Watching the Vols play and snuggling with sweet nephews and niece.

-A spontaneous late-night venture to our favorite mexican restaurant in town.  Chatting and laughing and catching up over chips and salsa in our private little booth.

-Finishing a good book while curled up in my warm bed.

-Anticipating worshipping my Father in the morning.

I can't imagine a better Saturday.

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