Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Because we all need more blogs to read...

I'll admit, I'm a little addicted to my Google Reader.  Blogs have become my magazines in many ways.  They are what I look to first for inspiration for our home, recipes, and projects, and many that I read center around only those subjects.  I skim these quickly when they are in my reader, mostly scanning for gorgeous house pictures or yummy recipes.  There are some great ideas out there! 
But there are a handful of blogs that I follow that I pour over.  Many of the women whose words I read often do not even know how their thoughts and voices on this daily walk of faith, have helped me find my own.  They have inspired me to reevaluate the way do daily life, the way I keep my home, and the purpose behind all of it.  I wanted to share some of those with you all in case you, like me, need a little daily dose of distraction encouragement today:

Handmade Recess - I love this series she is doing now on Deliberate Joy. 

Life in Grace - Edie and her family recently lost their family home due to a tragic fire.  She is now sharing the rebuilding process.  Edie's theology and faith inspire me.  She's so spot on all on the time.  And she has the most beautiful new home!

Whatever - Meg is a stay-at-home mom and a photographer.  She is so real, and that's why I love reading her blog.  She shares her struggles with everything from fixing dinner to hard questions of faith in a way that is so easy to relate to.  She's also very crafty, and I am not.  She is inspiring.

Small Notebook - I'm not sure of Rachel's faith, but I appreciate her perspective on life.  As someone who struggles hard with the sin of materialism, Rachel is so encouraging on the topic of simplifying your life.  She talks about everything from simplifying your wardrobe and your home, but also includes really great discussion on simplifying relationships and family life as well. 

And finally, because she is hilarious...

Big Mama -  I love how she writes.  I love how her words drip with sarcasm and dry humor.  But she is also a woman of faith, which is very evident in the way she orders her days and seeks to be a Godly mother to her little girl.  I love how she finds humor and joy in the small things!

Hope you enjoy these reads as much as I do! 

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