Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello Summer.

Oh, hello. 
I haven't written in a week and that is because summer is being so good to me!
This past weekend we went to the beach with my mom and dad.  My mom and I sat in the sand and ate snowcones and it was SO. GOOD.  The weather was perfect.  Patrick went golfing with my dad.  They were so proud of themselves because they hit up a "father-son special" at one of the courses.

On Tuesday we had a birthday party.

Carolyn turned 40!
So we gave her a proper American birthday.

Complete with homemade pizza and limeade.

And then on Wednesday, I had to work :(
I went to a school conference.
It wasn't that bad.

But I did spend all day Thursday being lazy.
Just to make up for it :)

Summer has been so good!

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