Friday, September 10, 2010

We got new furniture!

We got new furniture! We've never had new furniture. Everything in our house has been given to us. We are very, very blessed to know generous people who like to give away things like furniture to people like us.
However, we got a red hot smokin' deal. We were so excited! Even the cats were excited.

And still are.

Ok, this one is just random but proof as to why I get nothing done around here.

Come stay at our house, y'all! We have lots of good places to rest your bones now.


Allie Kier said...

I like the couch!! Very cute and stylish pillows too :)

Shelley said...

how exciting!!! we have white couches, too, so I feel I have the right to say...good luck with that! I spend the better half of my OCDness freaking out over keeping them clean haha