Thursday, September 9, 2010

Australia pictures are up!

For those of you who are interested in looking at all of our Australia pictures, you can now view them at this link.

With the risk of sounding like the crazy uncle who makes you watch slideshows of his family vacation while you doze in the corner with the lights out, I will say that we would LOVE for you to see our pictures! Please help yourselves.

And if you have any spare change laying around, we are starting our "Please Send Us Back To Australia Because It Was The Greatest Trip Of Our Lives" fund. Accepting all major credit cards. Commencing immediately. Please and thank you.

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Andrew Ewers said...

We are happy to contribute our spare one and two dollar coins to this fund and are sorry that we are only just now reading this blog so that you have missed out on the many thousands that have passed through our wallets between September and now. In addition, we recommend the following service for your trip... Ewers Aussie Tours, providing personalized accompanied tours in Subaru Outback, with camper trailer, if required, authentic Aussie tour guides, with American translator, personal fitness trainer for the duration of the visit, healthy and tasty food, including salads which any husband would love. Budget tours available. Bookings can be made through your sister!
Andrew and Carolyn