Saturday, September 18, 2010

No pictures and lots of randomness

So I am finally coming out from under the rock I have been under for the past three weeks. School is officially back in session, the honeymoon is wearing off and the routine has now been reestablished. I no longer feel like I have been hit by a ton of bricks by 6:30 every night. Maybe just a couple hundred pounds of bricks? But certainly not a whole ton anymore. Thus, I am able to think about, and maybe even re-begin, posting on this blog. Posting, maybe. Pictures? Sorry. It will be a couple more weeks before I have myself THAT together again. Baby steps, people.

Here are a lot of random things in a list format because my life has been a series of lists lately. To-Do Lists, To-Grade Lists, To-Clean know, the usual.

1. Patrick is in China. Yes, you heard me correctly. He up and left me for 10 whole days to go BACK to other side of the world. He is required for his Masters degree program to complete an international business trip with the group. The options were Europe in May or China in September. You better believe I threatened his life about going to Europe without me, so being the smart guy he is, he chose China.

2. I am taking the opportunity while he is gone to cook every single dish that he doesn't like to eat. Last night I made chicken pot pie, which is my absolute favorite thing to make, and ate approximately all of it. I will try to post my recipe sometime this week. It's amazing, people. Patrick is crazy for not liking it. Crazy.

3. I also took the liberty to go to Target tonight and walk around for as long as I wanted without having to be anywhere. I bought this dress and a bottle of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails top coat.

4. I watched The 19th Wife on Lifetime, which was FASCINATING and reminded me of Big Love. The thing is though, I turned it on like a half an hour late into it and I really did not understand what was going on with Queenie and Jordan. I mean, were they in love or just friends? She told her husband he was her only love but then she told Jordan she loved him. And then she told Jordan she loved him RIGHT IN FRONT OF her husband? Help! I am still confused and it was on over an hour ago.

5. God has done this really awesome thing and I am now leading a Bible Study for four college Young Life leaders here in Salem. It has definitely taken me way out of my comfort zone but I think it's going to grow me (and hopefully them too!) in a lot of ways. By out of my comfort zone, I mean that they are really cool and I am really nerdy. I am hoping that this does not hinder our friendships because soon they will find out that I'm really nerdy and I hope they will still let me lead their study and bask in their coolness from week to week. We are going to use the book Gospel Tranformations to guide our study. It's going to be great!


Shelley said...

totes watched the 19th wife. Queenie and Jordan were best buddies growing up and the prophet made Jordan leave because he and Queenie held hands. So the whole story was they were obviously child hood sweethearts, but then Jordan had to leave and Queenie stayed. That whole star crossed lovers thing...

Emily and Patrick said...


THANK YOU for clearing this up! Goodness. I think I lost some sleep over this story line.