Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Randomness

This is the last Saturday before I go back to work. I'm still not inspired/ready for this school year. Hopefully Teacher Work Week will put me in the mood. Usually by this time my head is spinning with thousands of ideas and plans. Right now, I got nothing.

For the first time though, I'm not nervous about the first day of school. Not yet, anyway.

I'm LOVING coaching cheerleading this year. I think because I have a little more confidence and know the girls so much better now. I don't feel like I'm feeling my way through it like last year; I may actually know what I'm doing. A little bit more, anyway.

I bought enough apples at the farmers market today to feed a small army. Or make applesauce. One of the two.

I have completely broken my mascara addiction. This came as a direct result of a gross allergic reaction to a new mascara while in Indianapolis last week. Like bumps on the face, eyes red and itching, contacts burning sort of reaction. When I didn't wear it for a few days, Patrick said, "Why do you wear that stuff anyway? I like you better without it." And then one of my cheerleaders said, "Mrs. H did you do something different with your eye makeup?" And I said, "Yeah, I stopped wearing it." And she said, "You look so pretty! I like it better that way." Two for two. And the nice thing is that I gained about 3 extra minutes in the morning by not having to carefully apply liner and mascara. Small, yes. Enough time to pour another cup of coffee or put a little more thought into what I'm going to wear or even make the bed, YES. Is it sad that the longest paragraph of this post is about my addiction to mascara? Maybe.

We might get a new couch today for the basement (!!!!). We're going to look, anyway. The basement is my new project. Thus far this summer I have successfully removed all the clutter, rearranged the bookcases twice, settled on a good set-up and started to make a slipcover for the chair in the corner of the new litte "reading nook" I'm creating. I'm also highly aniticipating/planning for tons of framed pictures from our trip. A new couch would take this project to another level.
That is all the exciting news I have for now. Happy Saturday!


Shelley said...

I, too, have a mascara addiction!

And on the framed pictures note...We bought this gallery frame system for our wedding pics from Michael's and love it. It comes with a full size template so you only have to level once!

Emily and Patrick said...

Thank you Shelley!! We will check out the frame collection. We had actually thought about Michael's and hadn't made it out there to look yet. Hope the school year is going well so far!