Monday, August 23, 2010


While we were in Australia, Patrick and I heard this song on the radio leaving the Perth airport. We loved it and I wrote down some of the lyrics so we could Google it later and find out who it was. Then, while driving to Wilson's Promitory outside of Melbourne, we heard another great song and did the same thing. Come to find out, both songs were by Mumford and Sons. We ended up downloading the whole album.
We. Love. Them.
And we might go see them in Knoxville.
On a school night.
We are breaking bad, people.

(And we are looking for folks who might be interested in joining us?)

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McV said...

Oh! My work friend's little sister burned this album for her and we listened to the whole thing ona road trip this weekend! it's great!! It reminds me of the shins, but also bluegrass-ish music.