Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Day To Do List:

  • Drink hot coffee in pjs
  • Make broccoli soup
  • Hang new blinds (attempt to use the drill without my husband's supervision!)
  • Grade a few papers
  • Read new book
  • Take a nap

I have heard a lot of complaints about the weather this winter. I, for one, love it! I'm a winter baby at heart. I thrive on snow days and see them as little gifts of rest and peacefulness. I NEED them about this time of year to recharge. Yes, we will have to make up school on the teacher work-day in March, which pushes the work-day to a Saturday. But the good news is that I was already planning to work that Saturday (cheerleading tryouts are the same day). So really, this snow day IS a gift! I plan to enjoy it for all it's worth.

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