Saturday, February 20, 2010

A New Hobby

I finished the scarf last night. Picture to come, I promise. This marks the celebration of my first knitted piece being complete! I have used this as an experiment to teach myself the basics. I sort of feel like an old lady, but you know, who cares?

On a related note, knitting is somewhat sweeping over the high school where I teach. A bunch of girls formed a new club, "The Knitwits," headed up by a guidance counselor and a couple of crafty teachers. They meet every couple of weeks, and sit around to knit and chat! How cool is that? And no, it's not just for the, um, dorks (I know what you're thinking...); this group is full of girls from all social circles at the school! The coolest thing is that they are working on a project to send knitted blankets to military hospitals. The girls knit squares of fabric and send them off to be sewn together into blankets. This article was in the town newspaper last week and gives better details if anyone is interested in participating. Pretty cool!

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