Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Links and Thoughts

1. Lent starts today. I love this post which does a great job of explaining Lent. I'm Baptist, so this is not something we typically celebrate, but I learned long ago that setting aside time to focus on the upcoming Holy Week is good for me and my relationship with the Lord. I am often bad at spiritual disciplines and like having a time set aside to give to the Lord in order to grow.

2. So, for Lent, I'm taking on this. Actually, I've already started (and I'm already behind) but I want to commit to really sticking to this reading plan.

3. I really want to make this and this. I have the perfect spot to hang the family rules thing (in our dining area) but feel like I should hold off know... I have a family. Keeping it in the back of my mind though.

4. I made this bread on one of my many snow days off last week. It is AWESOME! And good for sandwiches too, which I was having a a problem finding in terms of bread recipes. This recipe makes 2 loaves. I froze one and ate the other one. Like, by myself. It was that good.

5. I'm still doing this and up to Week 7, 2.5 miles!! Yes, I realize I have been doing this for longer than 7 weeks. A girl can take her time, you know. I've already started looking at training charts for 10k training. This may or may not take place.

6. I have been knitting a version of this scarf FOREVER. I'm about to call it quits and just wear the thing forgoodnessake. It's almost Springtime, so if I don't do it soon I may lose the opportunity! Even though it says "April Showers" the yarn I used definitely makes it a winter scarf. Although, we still have a hefty amount of snow on the ground so I think I'm good to go for at least a couple weeks.

7. Patrick let me buy this picture and this one for our house. We were looking for a couple prints for him for his new office so I was doing some browsing anyway. I think I caught him in a moment of weakness when he was too tired to tell me that I couldn't spend any money. I like them so much and think that they will make me happy to look at them.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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