Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look what I got!!

Ok so terrible picture and I know this is like the earliest made model of these things. It was such a beautiful day on Sunday and I wanted to run....are you ready.....outside....yes, really...like where people might see me....scary. I talked to a friend at church who is a runner and she suggested a local park where it's pretty flat. The views of the mountains and the river are beautiful from here, so I couldn't resist. I called my dad and asked if he had a digital watch I could borrow so I didn't have to watch the secondhand go around and around, and he said, "I can do better than that!! I have this thing...it tells how far you go and it times you. I never use it! You want it?"
So he gave his Garmin Forerunner. Just like that! (I think technically I'm "borrowing" it, but he said he would just let me know when he needs it back. He tends to forget these things.)
I'm going to the beach this weekend with some of the girls in my family (so excited!) and I'm hoping I can take this little gadget and maybe get a run in at some point. We'll see!

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